Why consider installing security cameras at your home or business?

Security cameras:

  • can serve as a deterrent for criminal activity by their presence alone
  • can bring visibility to otherwise hidden areas
  • can provide valuable evidence to help convict the perpetrator and possibly even recover your stolen items should a theft occur
  • can help store owners or managers keep an eye on their employees
  • can monitor company inventory, equipment and assets
  • can watch over cash registers and money exchanges
  • if placed outside of your entry door(s) they can help you see who’s outside or on your property before you open your door and can be a helpful safety precaution for your employees as well
  • can help monitor your business especially when you are not there
  • can monitor customers
  • can serve to be helpful with a customer claim of a slip and fall or an accident
  • may qualify a business owner of a discount with their insurance company
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We employ the services of UCC (United Central Control) which has been in business for over 30 years. UCC is UL Listed and a Five Diamond Central Station located in San Antonio, TX.

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